Who I was  is not who I was meant to be

Dark people, dark mentality, dark is who I became

The fire burning inside me was from the need for approval

I sought happiness in others and not within myself


I thought I was trapped in the room of  approval but,

a voice of whom I knew spoke to me, he said

"I did not create you to be like others, nor

did I create you to seek approval from others"


I thought it was dream because no one else knew me 

but, then I thought God knows me best. 

I listened to him because he knew best 

so, I got myself together.


No more dark rooms, dark people, dark mentality

I prefer the bright rooms, bright people, bright mentality

My life was so much better, more doors opened up to me

New opportunituties and a even greater me


Who knew that I would be standing here today

Far from all the darkness standing in the brightness

Knowing that all my troubles were castaway

This is what happens when you become victorious!




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