Dear brother

Dear brother, I wrote this poem to and for you.

A man closes his treasured book
Thinking upon a lesson
In exodus from his nook
He leaves with pen in hand
And in his prayers he asks
That His God might equip
As he struggles in his tasks
To aid his sinking ship
With confidence he feels strength
and battles seem elementary 
He feels he could go to lengths 
For a heartfelt century
Around the corner a robber waits
A thief and lying murderer 
Decisive upon a simple fate
To turn a saint to an adulterer 
With bow bent and arrow placed
His target is in sight
and the victim is unaware
He should be taking flight
Into the heart he is pierced 
Unaware and ignorant
Satan now leaves for feast
With devils along so intimate 
The man with confidence once
Now walks with shame, head low
His guilt has made a castle 
That is only meant to grow
For in his confidence the battles small
And the enemies only fought simply
and yet he stood no chance
no hope and no victory
So he mourns and knows he’ll never change
at least he says it in his heart
“My guilt and weight are so strange,
and oh the distance they impart.”
Days pass along with guilt
and he feels now so little
He forgets the castles that were built
of Satan’s carpentry and whittle 
Thus the pattern goes
Producing depression spiritually
leading him to many woes
and he can’t pay the fee
Until he sees that he is a muggle 
He will never overcome the thief
For it was never about the struggle
but it was always about belief.
Remember brother- 
The faith that justifies
Is the same that sanctifies 
From the cross to heaven above
With faith you will be glorified
In the Kingdom of love


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