The gapping narrow

You say you don’t see
You’ll deny it forever
But the truth states
There’s no such thing as “Never”

“Never” is a word for those without courage
“Never” is a word,
Like and abandoned desert
It cannot flourish.

For wide is the way, that we’re all taking
Against a name and a face, that we’re all forsaking
A face that, beaten, battered and bruised
Simply smiled back into the gaze of doom

And that face, it set a standard,
While at the same time, disproving tradition
It illustrated the truth, that, my friend, is God’s conviction

And while the wide may appeal to our iridescent nature
The gapping narrow, that is as pure as a glacier

Now I can’t force you to see what’s there,
But I can tell you now, you’ll one day, find you care
Stop looking with your eyes,
With them you’re blind
Start looking with the cross,
And what lies beyond


This poem is about: 
Our world


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