We Weren't Born to Die

My mama told me that I belong in the world.

Now I never took her word for it,

For I never met a man who belonged.

Not really.

Not truly.


We are all struggling to get somewhere.

We are all fighting for something,

For someone,

For some kind of a purpose.


I never met anyone who truly belonged,

Who utterly lacked fears,


That one thing that runs after them when darkness comes knocking.


So if we are all lacking in one way or another,

Why do we fight?

Why do we still kill for our gods?

Why do we force our gods down others throats?


We are all just human.

We weren't born to die under steel bourne by the hands of man.

We weren't born to die on our knees begging,

"Please, please don't! If you spare me I swear to God...

Oh no! I swear to Allah, that my name will be Mohammed!"


Why can't we just co-exist in peace?

Is it a childish thought to wish,

That every one would just get along?

Is it ignorant to think,

That all these gods would be happier

If their children weren't walking around murdering in their name?

This poem is about: 
My community
My country
Our world


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