Rose of the Battlefield

Oh Rose of the Battlefield

Your innocence is seen a victimization
The demons belittle you
"God loves all" The scripture might say this
But you feel like you've been curse since genesis

Oh Rose of the Battlefield

The Christian sense is despised within this nation
You see in a different view
Jesus healed the blind & your vision needs saving
You praying silently from the heart hoping God is hearing it

Oh Rose of the Battlefield

If this isn't enough, you missing the love, you wishing for much
you feeling so stuck. You patient on your mission & plus
If my saving don't hurry up then my wrist will get cut

Hey Rose of the Battlefield

I guarantee that you not gonna fail us. You may be shock what I tell ya
But heaven really needs you to blossom & relish
Oh Rose of the Battlefield between God & the Devil

This poem is about: 
Our world


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