Angry parents – at us or themselves

Angry lovers – heartbreaking rows

Angry worlds – they don’t share secrets

form tears on our pillows


We drink them away

till no one sees them glisten.

But their stains are not erased

and God will always listen.


Doors will be closed

and windows will be stuck

Music and self-pity will not erase

your loss of luck.


No reason defines you

No written history will change

Ask what’s wrong

but you’re the mountain range


What can extinguish your fire

the one of 100 states?

You’ve lit the match

you can’t choose new fates


What will repair the broken home

which bends at useless efforts?

You did not try to hurt your life

but it still hurts


We drink our tears away

till no one sees them glisten.

But there are still stains

and God will always listen.


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