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I am free.
free to fly
free to cry
I am not bound
by earthly treasures
nor do i give a
second thought
to those who
fight with fists
and fall to pleasures
I do not,
will not
conform to the
slaves of anger
that march around me
the chains around
their wrists,
binding their feet
choking out life
thats all they
will ever see
thats all they
will ever hope to be.
but not I
thats not for me.
I stand
hand in hand
with the free.
for life is what we seek
we untangle ourselves
from the weak
and strive for more.
not content with
the constant bore
of life sitting
stuck on the floor
I crave the air
to fly with flair
soaring, higher
higher higher still
pushing past
those who seek to kill
shoving, running, kicking, moving
Breaking free
spreading my wings
waiting for the things
that will carry me.
leaping, not really sure
of whats to come
but knowing, trusting
beliving in the one
who set me free.
who broke the
chains that bound me.
the one that gave
me wings.
He took the things
that constricted, cut, cofined
gave me a reason why
I should take to the sky
spread my wings
told me to fly.
so when I say
I am free
Know its no lie.


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