Thu, 06/06/2013 - 14:54 -- Shadah

As I sit here thinking about the present
And the life that was destined, for my future
I can't help but think back when....God first called my name
I've tried walking that narrow path and it was too much for my lane
I fell lame...
Spiritually, I ran away...
I got scared from the ghost and the goblins
the evil spirits that lingered like around an old mans grave
It was too much for me to handle
I didn't understand was this a scandal?
Lord please take me a way, withdraw my name
I don't want this anymore cause in the back of my mind I'm spiritually sore
Falling weak to this glamour, this world handed me a hammer and with those nails...
The cross...
But the Love Jesus has shown me
He said I am your strength when you fallen weak, I was blind but know I see
The true purpose that God has bestowed upon me, the gifts He poured in me
No time was wasted, as I hastened to His cross
Screaming Lord please forgive me, I'm tired of living worldly I want to be set free
The water was cold as it chilled my body but not my soul
I gave God full control of my life
As He navigates through the obstacles that stick out and the ones that try to trick and trip me now
He holds my hand as He leads me and I. Am. Finally. Free.
For Gods Love watches me
For Gods Love is too much for me to act
Gods Love is too much for me to be selfish on what I can and cannot do
And God Loves me
God Loves me
He Loves me
And that has been returned
As I walk away from the past
And live in the present
And look forward to my future
And knowing that Heaven is home
And this here is just where I roam
I give God the glory for more than second chances
10,000 tongues wouldn't be enough
That's why I die daily
For God Loves me
And I Love me some Jesus
My One and Only...
My Love



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