Competition: Keeping Score


In competition,

there are winners and losers,

some say it makes you better,

but it can also make you bitter,


I used to hate losing,

do anything to win,

play dirty, call people names, blow up at the ref,

or just go insane.


In the world of competition and accomplishments,

no place for last,

try to play for fun,

guys yell,

”Nonsense, the goal is to be number one!”


But God sees it differently,

“So the last will be first, and the first will be last”,

Consequently, I’ve decided to take a chill pill,

relax, let go of my ambitions,

slow down, smell the roses,

so I can enjoy life’s daily motions.


People relish to be on top,

for no reason more,

than to look down on others,

and be called, the “boss”,


Achievements, accolades, successes,

surely to be celebrated,

but at what cost?


Asian children shamed,

for being less than perfect,

grades become gods,

and the standard of meaning,

destroying a young person’s sense of being,


As adults,

they strive,

never to slow down,

or ask themselves why?


Some become doctors, lawyers,

respectable citizens,

honorable to their families,

savings worth millions,

venture capitalists, investors,

or CEO’s,

climb, climb, climb is always the goal,

feels empty though,

like biting into a donut hole,


But it’s like chasing the wind,

doesn’t feel quite right,

lives feel empty,

nothing satisfies,


You can continue to chase,

and live the rat race,

or hit pause and eject,

reject the cultural mores,

know life is more,

 than being seen as a winner,

measuring yourself to others,

or by some type of score.



This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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