Stand Up


What if I told you, all of you are wrong

You've already judged me; probably have been all along.

By the way that walk, dress , and carry myself

But this image of me, is like a picture on a shelf


On my spiritual journey, I've been many places

I've met many people, and seen many faces

After sitting & listening, standing & singing

I've become appalled at all the name calling; all the mudslinging


And it comes from God's people; these so-called "Christians"

They say to love everyone, then shun other religions

I can no longer let these objections go unspoken

After all, shouldn't our churches be open for the broken


Most of you are thinking now this isn't true

But let's be honest, we know what we'd actually do

We keep judging people before we know them; it's a crime, it's a sin

We need to stop doing this, because nobody wins


Let me give you some examples, stereotypes if you will

Now these people are not bad, and certainly not evil


A women draped in cloth, just trying to do her best

She fights hard every day, and prays toward the west

How about a man covered with dirt, grease, and sweat

Who couldn't weigh more than a hundred soaking wet


Some of you would look on with pity, even shed a tear

But would you hold those people's hands, embrace them without fear

You can find these people wherever you may roam

But would you truly love them, invite them into your home


Now I know what Jesus said, and I know He did not stutter

He said that woman and that man are your sister and your brother


No matter what people wear, or what language they speak

We should all be humble enough to wash each other's feet

When will we open our hearts, souls, and minds

And accept every stranger, no matter what kind


See, God calls us to love everyone that we see

Because all of those people reflect you and me

We are all sons of Adam and daughters of Eve

Doesn't matter what we've done, or even what we believe


Mormon, Catholic, Muslim; stop hiding behind a name

God made each of us with care, and loves all of us the same

Now I know we have some differences, and don't see eye to eye

But shouldn't we just accept that, instead of barely getting by


Stop hating and start loving

Stop crying and start hugging


So it's time for us to stand up, not down

And follow the one with the thorn ridden crown

Because this right here is where I'm drawing the line

I promise to stop hiding and pretending everything's fine


I'm going to let my life be the proof of his love

And revel in this peace I receive from above


Now it's time for all of you to make a choice

Will you sit idly by, or choose to be the voice

Of those who have no voice at all

Who've traveled life's roads and began to fall


Will you look past their mistakes, their choice of religion

The way that they speak, and the color of their skin

And show the world this love that's so true

I mean, after all, with God's love there is nothing we can't do 



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