Right and wrong is no longer defined
By a divided line 
Morality no longer exists in the human mind
Truth has been overcome by compromise and lies

I chose not to follow the crowd and stand to the side
To be a difference maker with my time

I am not the judge but the judge is soon to arrive
The atmosphere is consumed by hypocrisy and apostasy  
False religion, wolf covered in sheep clothing on the rise 
Preaching teaching nothing but idolatry 

The devil disguised as an angel of light 
Bring war and endless distraction to all humanity

Like a rat in a maze
We are detained 
With no escape 
Prisoners to the devil's games 

But things have changed 
This I would say

If you are alive
Your life is in a tie
Every step, every breath you take
Your life is in overtime 

The choice you make will decide 
Where you will spend your eternal afterlife 
Good and evil are in constant fight
For your soul, mind, and life

The man who was crucified 
Jesus Christ 
Set us free from being victimized 
His grace and love is the ultimate prize 

Jesus was resin 
To become your friend
To bring evil to an end
He now stands
At the right hand of Father in heaven 

You don’t know when
You will run out of Oxygen 
Your sins have been forgiven 
This world and the devil will be defeated 

Jesus will soon come in the cloud 
With a double edge Sword in his mouth 
To bring justice to all
Only those who in Him they believe will be a loud 
To enter His earthly kingdom 

If Christ you do not choice
Then with the devil, you will lose

Come to Christ today
This I pray

This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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