I'm Saved

Growing up on the south side of Chicago
Michael Jordan a.k.a my only hope for tomorrow
Playing ball and acting all hard
Shooting free throws til' my mama said it was too dark
I had a lot of energy when I was a kid
Grew up not knowing much of the difference between a righteous man and sin
My cousins and uncles always told me to be a man
They were my father figures, I didn't have a dad
Confused I was, something Yoda might say
when it came to drugs, money, and girls my family didn't play
I was brought up worshipping those things more than my God
When I was about 18 I finally knew what being a man was
I laid down the money, girls and I laid down the drugs
Turned my life over to God so I could experience real love
I had no more idols, no more pain
Jesus Christ helped me throw it all away.. He gave me a new name

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