He's got Your Back

Sometimes they won't understand,

You'll try to tell them but it's no use.

But you can do it no matter what they say

Let them all be your muse,


Cause He's got your back 

You'll make it through.


They may try to stop you.

They may even hate you.

But you have to follow your dreams anyway.

I know this world is crazy and can get lonely,


But he's got your back

You'll make it through.


Maybe you’re done with the lies and games.

Maybe you should turn the other way.

But you made it this far,

Look at all you gained.


You know he's got your back

You'll make it through.


They can laugh and stare, glare and tear, 

But no matter what you will make it, I swear.

You are better than their words of hate.

You are amazing none can compare.

When things get hard just remember.


He's got your back,

And he will always be there.


Because you are amazing!

This poem is about: 
My family
My community


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