He is the only God

Why do you push aside God 
And the notion that he exists
Is it really that important to be famous and rich,
Those who are rich in soul,
Know of his greatness, 
Acknowledging that he is almighty,
Conquering all of our fears with faith in him,
He protects his children, 
With every last breath we take,
And all he asks is for our praise, 
Get down on your knees and give thanks,
Be grateful you live to see another day, 
You wake up every morning,
By his will and blessing,
But can't take the time to thank him for his perfection, 
He makes a way for you, 
With unconditional love, 
Prayer should be the only necessary drug, 
I didn't write this poem to preach to you, 
You believe what you believe, 
Just know that there would be no you without him. 
You wanna talk about the universe?
About some fat statue named Buddha?
Can any of these imposters answer your prayers, 
And please sit down because you can't even compare to God, 
Humble yourself or you will fall hard,
But you wanna know the funny part, 
Even when you do, 
No matter what you do,
He'll be there to catch you, 
Now tell me if any of y'all gods will do that too? 
He gave his only son for us to live, 
Can you really look past the sacrifice he gives,
Infinite love, 
You'll never find anything better, 
He put that smile on you face, 
And that shirt on your back, 
Can your Gods compare to that? 
Nah they can't, 
Even you can see, 
The man up above, 
Is the only God I see.
This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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