Faith is Real


"True believers are a dime a dozen," the old crow used to say.

"What's there to believe?" the young colt always asks.

"God is the answer," the immovable turtle proclaims.

"I'm not religious, I'm spiritual," the ignorant feline purrs. 


So many shy away from real faith, yet question their place.

If people would open their minds, the answer would be in their face.

The age-old inquires still stand and I doubt they will ever be band.

Let my flawless reasoning provide something new for you.


Why am I here?

The best and most ambigious question never rests.

God made each of us in His image and put us on this earth.

We are here to make our creator pround and show Him our worth.


Where am I going?

Yet another simple query.

The Lord has granted us the gift of free will to utalize as we please.

All you must derive is where your drive will help you survive.


Who am I?

Really tricky, this one.

Jesus perished to fufill our cry, though all we do is sigh.

You are who ever you set your mind to become. Make the most of your fun.


Real faith is difficult to come by.

Excuses range from "I just don't try," to "I'd rather die!"

There is a God, this I have no doubt, but I have no urge to scream and shout.

Can you see yet, what makes me flawless? It is what I'm all about.


I know the Lord has an incredible plan for my life.

Maybe it won't be absent of sorrow and strife.

But beyond the tangible, terrible and takeable, there is eternal beauty.

If I play my cards right and fight, I will get to see that glorious light.


God has instilled within me, His will.

This is the remedy for me.

I have no fear, no worry, no uncertainty for my future.

When earth's shadows wriggle and worm, I look to heaven for my peace of mind and witness my own little slice of perfect imperfection.




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