Prophetic prayer

Wed, 09/27/2017 - 20:02 -- Neftee

Oh leagality?
Is there a solution to The problems?

There is a shattering of the world
At the end of reality.
And a battering of truth,
At the entrance to philosophy
But 2 sins 3 sins or even 4
Is why Iran must perish.

Oh academia?
Is there a method to improve?
Is there a structure to be pure?

There is hope,
in restoration
And pain
In creation
But 2 sins 3 sins or even 4
Is the cause for the end of Iraq

we laugh at the justice
And we sneer at their folly
But there is honesty
In poetry
And peace
in it's disruption.
Are we so much more holy
With our capitalist slavery
Then the socialists are with their comunist oligarchy?
And are our volentary emotional self mutilating rituals any more righteous
Then their physical and spiritual imprisonment?

For honestly I say,
For 2 sins 3 sins or even 4
America must be upruted
And then
And only then
It will
Along with the whole
The earth


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