Soldier of Christ

Thu, 01/21/2016 - 21:07 -- l_shof

Soldier of Christ


I tend to see too many people going through their relationship with Christ like it's a job.

Being a part-time Christian,

but expecting a full time God.

Trying to work yourself into God's favor,

treating grace as a paycheck,

when grace is actually a gift.

A gift that keeps on giving,

even for the ones that keep on slipping.


Now let me break it down for you real simple,

God only puts the toughest battles on his strongest soldiers,

gives sight to the blind,

puts light in the broken,

opens doors which no man can open,

and puts speech in the unspoken.

So you can't sit here and say,

The Lord isn't working for me right now.

Some of God's greatest gifts are unanswered prayers,

which may lead you through a path of naysayers,

but through that path you find yourself.

You find the one that's been there deep down,

the one that's been drown in the inability to see what's laying in front of you.

God's love,

the one thing that should never be shoved.


It's sad,

many of us go about following Jesus as we go about our social media. 

Let me fake this friendship by following someone you know of,

but don't know completely.

Never reaching out to that person

cause you would't want to hangout out with them daily.

Turns out,

you only like it when you see them once a week.

But even then,

you're still worried about being labeled a "Jesus freak".

What if I told you, 

selfies with a caption of your favorite bible verse, 

won't get you closer to God, 

tweets won't get you into heaven, 

& sending chain emails about God, 

won't make you forgiven.


I'm not saying not to spread God's love and shout the Lord's book,

I'm just saying don't pose to be something you're not from your Facebook.

What's even worse is,

we tend to live through other people's snapchat stories,

instead of living through the name of His glory.

We fail to realize that when Jesus returns,

he won't come for the self-righteous,

but the lifeless.

We seem to forget that Jesus hungout with the


the suicidals,

the ones who needed a revival.


where you sit in that church pew,

doesn't make you a forgiven man,

it just make you apart of that committed few.


Cause you see,

when God said,

"let there be"

He made you and me.

So don't turn a blind eye to the sacrifices in which made you free,

refusing to see we have an un-payable fee.

We become so caught up,

caught up in the hype,

getting in trouble,

caught up in the "now".

We often wonder,


God puts things in our life we may not see coming,

but its only because he sees the end goal,

in which we cannot.

We pull the hate,

the negative,

the things that never seem straight,

and make them our life story.

The Lord wants you to write your own,

only difference is,

he already sees the writing on the stone.

To put it in perspective,

he lends a helping hand to guide you through,

to help you pursue.

He sees your true passion,

even though it might not be in your own fashion.

Although you might get hit,

he takes the tackle.

When we go to battle,

he's the first one on the saddle.


So that means,

no ISIS man, woman, or child,

can stop us from being exiled from our holy land.

So shoot your shots, 

throw your frags,

& fly your flags,

Just know its only a matter of time before you and your firing squad

stand before OUR God

and before Him you will be shot down like a lighting rod in plain sight.

No bullets,

no bombs,

& no matter how many pistols you have in your holsters,

can stand against the power of God's soldiers.


We're not perfect,

far from it actually,

but that's why I love our God.

Through our sin,

we see more of Him.

I mean truly ask yourself,

how many times have you drank from the bottle on a Saturday night,

showing up to church hungover in fright?

Praying for forgiveness like,

"I'm not really like that"

running back to Jesus like a bobcat.

Next thing you know,

God turns those words,

into actions.

Actions that cause an attraction

that get weird reactions

but give a more permanent satisfaction.

Because the one thing that is consistent in our lives,

is Jesus.

And that's why you must not depart,

but yet allow Him in your heart.

Our excuse is that,

we're young,


and free.

But what if I were to ask you about your eternity?

In the book of David,

God says don't worry child

I've got your back.

Your problems are mine,

cause I am your King

and you are my Son

and you are divine.

We live in a world in fear of change,

but let me tell you,

if he found me,

he can find you.

The only thing that stands in front of you and Him,

are the walls you put up within.

Break those barriers,

it's okay,

we all struggle with sin.

You see because,

Jesus Christ lived the life I could not live,

& died the death,

I should have died.

So it is because of that,

we should not feel qualified

but yet terrified.

Because if it is one man I fear,

it is the big man upstairs

cause he knows where we're going and for that,

we must prepare and not sit here and continue to compare.

He can give us the light or he can give us hell,

and that is why I stand here to tell you today,

that you must sell.

Sell out for the Lord and preach like no other.

Stand up for you savior,

and always aim to live up to the code of his behavior.

Fight the good fight,

and get ready for battle.

Cause when Jesus comes,

you won't want to be thrown through the gravel.

2 Timothy chapter 2 verse 3 tells us,

"Join with me in suffering, like a good soldier of Christ Jesus."

Be that soldier.

Be bold,

and never let it grow old.


He's coming...


Are you prepared?


- Landon Shofner

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