Thank Lord For Life

Tue, 11/12/2013 - 09:41 -- Jimi


If heaven is a ghetto Regardless Ima make it.Ima pour my heart out and ima let The Lord take it.Ima do good even when I'm in the hood.Dealing with the struggle, we gon' make it through the troubleHave faith in god even though his signs are odd.Always have faith and ur life gon' move on.I'm tryna chase my destiny, don't let the hating get to me.I got all this talent so I thank The Lord for blessing me.You wanna make it through I can show you guys the recipe.Always keep your family close because that is necessity.Don't lose control of yourself just because of jealousy.Miracle in sight when The Lord gives you pregnancy.Do what you gotta do, deliver in success.Don't hurt the child cuz then you might regret.The child could be gifted but you out there gettin lifted.And it's such a fucking shame, I hate to say that ur addicted.But now it's too late, you wish you would have listened.It's just like I envisioned now your life has been partitioned.And they got the story twisted now their tears are all emitted.And I feel the pain inside, it's like it's all been submitted.


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