"Put your feet in the water,

do this for me my daughter.

Can you finally trust in me?

Or do you fear uncertainty?"

To me He said this, 

He reached out to provide me bliss. 

There I decided to put my trust,

but then I fell back into lust. 

"Did you not tell me to trust in you?

My heart screamed out so cold and blue. 

"I didnt get that job I wanted and my heart got broken again."

"Pick yourself up and stop turning to men,"

is what He said to me. 

He continued on with the words 'let it be.'

So I cried, then worried, and then finally waited still. 

I desired to hear His voice, I desired to know His will!

Still I was and still I be.

My future is still bright and I trust the Lord is working on me. 


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