I need help

I need something to hold me ever close

Because everyday that I look out of my eyes to peek at the world that I will admit I sometimes despise

I feel like I want to die

I need help

I need to know its going to be okay today

Because if I don't know the outcome I will continue to copy and paste scenarios that will continously get worse in my head

Where the only cure is to go blank in the head instead

So its time I seek help

I know what I need just not where to find it

When I had thought I had looked in every nook and cranny and yet

I haven't even scratched the surface

So I'll just keep digging through this seemingly concrete slate that I often mistake as a mistake due to mistaking the truth for what I will quickly exchange for lie

Just to help me make it by and by

But its time

I'll toss away these chains because I know you'll stay with me

You'll keep me calm in the eye of the storm

I'm so tired of this prison and all it entails

I'll run after you, like I should have been doing since the day I was born

The faith of a mustard seed is all that I need so I'm asking please



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