Sweet Holy Spirit

Sweet Holy Spirit by Christian Betancourt  


Oh sweet moment of bliss 

Being cuddled in your gentle arms 

Smothered by your love. 

It compresses me. 

Like a warm bear hug.



In your presence 

I am lost.

Like a stranger in a sea of love.

Held captive 

And I surrender

Like a drug

I am an addict 

To your love. 


Oh what a moment of shear joy 

And peace 

And serenity 

And tranquility. 

I can lay in this moment 

Still for many ages 

Perhaps eternity 

Not conscience of my surroundings 

Simply in this sweet moment 

That brings me peace. 


In your presence 

I am lost indeed 

I am alive. 

Like a new-born baby

Cradled by his mother for the first time.

Freshly brought unto the earth.

For the very first time.


No other feeling comes close 

To your presence. 

No other joy fills me 

So genuinely full than your love. 

Like water on an empty glass.

In here  

I find all things that cannot be given 

By this simplistic mundane world. 


In this moment 

I am made whole. 

I am made pure once more. 

I can feel your spirit roam  

Inside my body 

It lights a burning fire inside my soul

It consumes me. 

And penetrates through my flesh

Straight into my soul

Like a lightning storm

My bones become electrified

As you soft breathe life into my soul.


You heal my wounds and scars

With your bandaid of healing.

Your love is like medicine

For my spirit.

My spirit is renewed. 

And my mind is newly restored.


You cleanse me once more.

Like a stain on a piece of cloth.

Like a virus inside a computer

Your holy spirit washes over my soul

Each and every fiber of my being 

Is made holy again.

Made new. 




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