Midwest Mindset


With my words as my paint
And this voice as my canvas
I’m going to paint you a picture
so you can better understand this
Your blinded by hate
Because your from the 618
You know where it is
The Midwest, the very best
Oh wait,
Brainwashed by those with it
But liberated by those without
We’ve been marching the streets for our freedom
Yet all you can say is “please don’t shout"
You’ve got that Midwest Mindset, baby
But I will set you free
For love will be your liberation
Even if you only criticize me
You’ve got that Midwest Mindset, baby
Drowning me in fear
I’d hate to have to tell ya
I've learned to swim, steer clear
Your glasses are fogged up
Not even windshield wipers can straighten you up
So keep wearing your shades, and ill keep say’n mine
Because until you understand, you’ll think everything is fine
So, what am I gonna do?
Ima pray for you
Yes, ima pray for you
Because you think your religion is concrete,
But I can break it with just this simple beat
Please don’t get me wrong,
I’m more spiritual than a strippers thong
Your poison drips off my skin, 
like I’m made of mother fucking porcelain
Yet I give you grace
When you need it most
Even if when I speak 
You only think I boast
Your religion was created to set me free
Yet all you can do is criticize me
If you have not sinned, please throw the first stone
Oh wait, ouch, I've been hit
Damn, please don't condone
Me for my sin,
I don't you for yours
Don't worry though, I see His thrown
When judgement day comes,
I will hand you a bone
Because I know my time is limited
Here on earth
That's why I won't stop preaching
Till my lungs hurt
This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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