All I Need is You, God

In this life, people tend to cling to material things for comfort, such as a childhood blanket or neckless, a good novel about a fellow traveler, or an expensive garment.

As for myself, all of these things are important to me, but,

All I Need is You, God.


By not depending on any material things to bring me comfort, I eliminate myself from ever being lonely.

All I Need is You, God.


With God, I am able to survive and persevere through every obstacle that I encounter.

I find peace from within because I know that He will provide for all of my needs.

It only takes prayer and faith for my thoughts to manifest into reality.


God is the creator of all life, and the epitome of all love.

My heart is His dwelling place, with his presence and glory existing inside my heart and roaming through my blood stream,

I can conquer any and every thing.

All I Need is You, God.

All I Need is You.

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