She walks in her room

picks up her razor, grabs the pills

she sits down on her bed, and she cries

"Why? Why me!" she screams

Everyone sighs

Some may even roll their eyes

Anything but a poem about suicide

Anything but a desperate cry for attention

Anything but pain being thrown in our faces

Anything but this, anything but the truth

Why are their so many suicide poems?

Why can't people come up with anything original?

Maybe, just maybe if there weren't so many suicides that went overlooked we wouldn't need this

We wouldn't need all these suicide poems

Maybe if people opened there eyes and realized there's a problem

We wouldn't need all these suicide poems

And maybe if people didn't get shit for being depressed there wouldn't be so many damn suicides

If there weren't so many damn suicides we wouldn't need all these suicide poems

Suicides are hidden from the public most of the time and because of that they're "attention seeking"

Do you not understand that depression is an illness

An illness as deadly as cancer

The suicide poems will continue

Until it's safe to talk about mental illness without being called fake

Without being called dramatic 

Without being called attention seeking

And without being told to kill myself already

Damn, one day I might listen to you


Alyssa Marlee

Just a slam on suicide culture.

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