Finding My Purpose

My childhood was more than average.

Happiness and fun seemed endless

Bits of insecurity on the inside started gathering,

and with  my young mind gave me limits

I was the smartest in my clasess  with a singing ability,

and I make you laugh for a countless amount of minutes.

Even though God gave me a humble spirit,

I was never like my friends.

They were always the most athletic

which gave me no help to defend.

No matter what we played, 

I was always the weakest link.

Never wanting to quit is why I stayed, 

but it caused my confidence to shrink.

As a teenager I started to mature,

and I have many ways to prove it.

Sometimes I often felt alone, 

but the one thing that was always there was music.

Songs are like puzzles connecting to life,

which I once started experincing after so many 10th grade nights.

I've been through so much pain,

bad emotions skyrocketing out of the ceiling.

I've lost so many friends and family members 

that I feel like no doctor can fix the pain I'm feeling.

I lost trust with my mom,

which made me move with my dad.

Having a case of homesickness 

led me to regretting my sinful past.

I had to attend a private Christian School

which is so very odd.

After a while my life started changing,

and I became closer to God.

I don't truly know my purpose, 

but I pray about it everynight.

God will lead me to my purpose

as long as I walk by faith and not by sight.



This poem is about: 
My family


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