Live Beautifully


Walking through the streets I wonder what comes next
I've been following this road for far too long
passing by hurting people as if they were enemies or strangers
when they'd never done me any harm
There is a light inside of me that I've buried deep
my Savior gave me hope
He opened my eyes to see the beauty surrounding me
yet in fear i keep this joy to myself
bitting my tongue and holding my breath
whenever i see rejection in a person's eyes
 passing silently on when all they need is just one kind word
folding my arms tightly against my chest
as i spot someone with sorrow written across their face
If only i could give them a warm embrace
sharing the reason for hope which reverberates across my soul
desperately I plead with God
begging Him to tell me what comes next
and in a whisper He answers me,
"Live beautifully, My daughter
for all that you are belongs to me
so no longer allow your fears to hold you back
open your arms to the broken
for they are not your own to close
speak life to the hopeless
for your mouth is not yours to shut
defend the weak
as i have defended you
bring light to the blind
for you too were once in darkness
clothe the naked
 feed the hungry
and provide shelter for the homeless
for you have been given much
Never think of a person as a stranger
but as a desperate soul in need of Me
stop hiding from your own shadow
wake up from your day dream
and be my ambassador to the nations
you were born for more than silently passing people by
you were born to live beautifully"
one last time i remainded silent
who was I to argue with Him?
His purpose for me is clear
i must not keep His joy to myself
so knowing my calling I will carry on
but i will no longer pass people by
God will give me the courage to love and encourage
all I need to do is 
live beautifully




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