Sun, 02/11/2018 - 21:36 -- CladiaP

Dear God,

Thank you for creating your masterpieces, trees.

Oh God, how nice are Your trees,

with branches reaching out

to You,

with leaves that gleam

in the sun,

with roots made to gather

the treasures that You give.

Oh, Your trees,

their beatuty comes out in 

rain or shine,

their leaves can drop,

but only by Your words do they fall.

Oh, God,

You care so much for 

Your trees, 

only You send the rain,

to quench this thrist,

thirst by the drought.

But I

stay inside my house

and watch 

the rain come,

and I 

think to myself,

You care 

for the trees,

so I know 

You care for me.

So I do all that I can 

to help Your trees,

my friends,


I don't give them half as much love as you do, God.


thank You for making Your masterpieces,

Your trees.



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Our world


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