The One Thing I Need - God

Sat, 04/09/2016 - 23:01 -- livnluv

God I need you, can I take your hand?

You're patience and mercy are something so grand.

The things you give me I do not deserve.

But still you're grace I continue to observe.

You are my rock to which I cling.

As treacherous storms continue to sting.

Anxiety, fear, the vast future ahead,

Are things which I cannot solely tread. 

By myself I'm lost, I am guided by no light

I crawl helpless and lonely without any sight.

With you my eyes open, I see a new day.

And in the awe of you're presence, I can't find words to say.

You hold me close and I take your hand.

I let you lead me across your land.

I don't know where you'll take me,

Where the end might be.

But I know that you're awesome spirit is the one thing I need.



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