In the shade

In the shadows 

in the shade

when the hope of past things fade

forget the past

forget the pain 

when all is lost, it's not you, you try to save 

it's brothers,friends, sisters,family 

"because they have a chance" you cave 

you just let go when you want to hold on

for them you think as you try to be strong 

but didn't you know? you already were 

everyday and everytime you almost fell 

they might not have noticed, but God did

and He is proud of you, just break the spell

that darkness put on your mind,

all the hateful voices inside 

when you thought a part of you died 

and all you had left were tears, so you cried 

when you felt your very being divide 

wishing the pain would subside 

and you just stand their wide-eyed 

finding yourself paralyzed 

as everything around you falls with the tide 

but than you choose to defy 

the odds agianst you, took it in stride 

leaning on the courage that God provides 

because without Him you'd just hide 

but instead you threw away your pride 

asking God, is it too late? will you be my guide?

It's never too late He gently replied 

I'm sorry, I'm sorry I tried, I tried 

I wasn't strong enough with out you by my side

so He answered I always was my dear sweet child






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