Come Out of the Closet


As you March through this life,
Your steps are forever traced-
Legends- are left behind
Precious Memories,
are scattered-
throughout this earth.

Every whisper-
that flows forth from your lips,
is forever planted
in a un-forgetting brain.
Every action-
counted Noble or Shamed
is recorded,
Never to be erased.

What footsteps
are you leaving behind,
Redeemed One,
by grievously following
the World’s?

What story
are you leaving behind-
Uplifted One,
as you choose
society’s plot?

You Hear Him Calling.
But You dare to ignore.
You Hear Him Crying.
But, to you,
His words mean no more.

You understand-
your unrelenting grief.
You understand-
what He is calling You to do.

But You continue
to Hide in your closet,
Your Spirit
begging You
to come out-
on the door of your heart to cooperate

but you Slam it back.
Lock the door.
Throw away the key.

No Wonder
they think we’re a
No Wonder
they mistake the Truth
for Lies

Look who they have to look up to.

is NOT a Joke!
He took you seriously
by Dying on that Blood Splattered Cross

The least You could do-
Is take up Yours.



Thanks for allowing me to be a part of your scholarship! I hope you all enjoy the poem! :)

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