A Box they give us - an the hope He gives

Afraid that there is a greater potential 

a box they give us to condition in

if they do this long enough 

they believe that we'll be trapped

trapped in a mindset that they control

No hope 

No love

No joy 

No ambition


unless it's ambition to follow their agendas 

agaendas to make them dollars

the bottom line is 

if it was up to them I would be in a box

a box where I believed what society told me

your worth nothing until you prove yourself 

then where would I even begin to feel worthy? 

time and time again we spend our days seeking worth


worth won't come from society 

they'll expect us to do more

and yet

they return us with hurling insults before we even step out the door

we climb the ladder 


do it all

to find ourselves empty.

When all of a sudden 

our life turns upside down 

we lose it all

now back to ground zero,

but the funny thing is 

it forces us to find our worth.

Because worth doesn't come from society

it comes from the author of love



whether or not all believe in theology or the existance of He that made them

All people 

at one point or another 

when their at their very lowest 

call out to this magnificent creator 


with His poems

spoke them into the world 

and they ask

they ask for any sign 

any sign of hope

any sign if their loved 

any sign why their here

the answer is 


He gave his life for you and me

He gave us love before we were even born

He gave us hope before we were formed


or a twinkle in an eye

He loves us

He calls us worthy

He has a place in His heart for you and me 

so when family betrays us

friends abandone us

co-workers gossip

your at your lowest

and no person is worthy of your trust

He is there for you

and has loved you throughout your whole life 




His heart aches for you

He is the friend you never had

the dad that won't put you down or leave

the love you've been searching for

and purpose in your life that won't fail.


when "they" tell me I have to fit in their box

I think of where my worth comes from

The God that helped a scronny 13 year old boy defeat a 10 ft Philistine 

The God that parted the Jordan

The God that fed 5,000

The God that set me free

The God that still moves today

and through Him nothing is impossible

I still have faith 

even in this present day

I beleive in what He says about me 

Not what "they"


has tried to put on me for 18 some years 

that there is no hope for people like me

I admit I have faults

I admit I fail to believe in myself

and families aren't always the supportive rock we need

but God

not once 

not once 

not once, has He ever failed me 

instead of a box 

He gave me freedom

Freedom to have a mind of my own

to decide if I want to follow such a wonderful purpose 


listen to society

when all they tell me is

"your not good enough"

"you need to live for yourself and make more money"

when all that will do is leave me empty

instead of a box 

He gives me 

a transformed mind

to think bigger

because He says

through Him I can do impossible things

or at least 

things society deems impossible

I love being limitless and free

I hate the box of society 

so off I throw it as far as the eye can see

into eternity 

It's gone!

I'm free!

I'm free!

I have joy 

I have purpose 

I have peace

I have a God who loves me


there are no limits 

no limits?

what next?

anything is possible now 

wow, I've never felt so free!!!

it's so great to be alive!

I have to tell someone else about this liberty!!!

I am free!

I am free!

no longer will I waste my precious life listening to society

I am free!

If you feel societies box enclosing in on you

be free

call on JESUS 





This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world


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