In Transition


In transition,

that’s where I am,

not where I want to be,

nor where I can.


Dreams of destiny,

fulfilling my calling,

exercising my gifts,

even if you find my life appalling.


Sacrifices are many,

leaving people to wonder,

what’s wrong with him,

and why does he continue to flounder?


Emotionally, financially, spiritually,

it’s draining,

criticism and mockery,

now quite customary.


Friends and relatives,

cite they’re concerned,

especially Asian ones who focus on dollars and cents.


What’s your plan?

How will you get there?

When will it happen?

“I don’t know, I don’t care, God’s in control with my life and welfare”.


Caught between a hard place and a rock,

seems like life passing me by,

as I remain steadfast, firm, uncompromising, unwavering,

sharing stories of pain yet also deeply inspiring.


This is a journey,

therapists call it a “process”,

when you’re in the land of nowhere,

very little comfort,

but fraught with feeling scared,


Find your support,

stick to them tight,

naysayers be gone,

so I can move on.








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