In a different life things would be bliss,
And I would not have the need to search the words to dis
You and the curse brought upon my family’s life.
Without the necessity to fight upon your wicked knife
That has punctured my family in more ways than one.
But the what if’s in life cannot be undone,
They linger as a reminder of the possibilities
We had and the creation of our hostilities.

The puncture of your knife was not a mere wound,
It changed the perspective of life even music’s sound.
Damaging not one but three more lives,
Individually striking your knives.
Punishing innocents including your child’s brother and sister-
She dreams in bister
As she cries to the night of the terror.

Despite the claims of agony you do not admit your error
Or the jealousy that drove you mad.
Destroying purity all around only for a tad, of satisfactory evilness.
My psychologist said it to perceive it as an illness but there is no cure
And my heart is no longer pure enough to attempt and undo the wrong.
Yet, unlike me, my brother is strong,
He is genuine, kind hearted, and a reflection of the good you tarnished.
He cannot be varnished,
Into an afterlife sentence one you bested upon your lost love.

Your love pleads for mercy as he loses recognition of who he is or truelove.
And I ponder how life would be without your hexed knife
Of the possible blissful life
We could had but what good does that do?
Imagining through the window, destroyed out of our grasp into a different view.

I said what if’s only exist to remind us of what we lost
And to fabricate oppositions at all cost.
I lied, I lied, I lied - Or I just opened my eyes?
Opened my heart to not despise
You or the bastard son,
Because I know I cannot outrun
Fate or God;
Neither can you, as flawed
As you preach to the Prince of Darkness.
I guess that’s just how you harness
Your power to have the white owl
To do your bidding no matter how foul.

But I forgive you,
Listen to my heart for it is true,
I will not dwell on the past
Or the spell you once cast.
It has taken much from my family’s life but not
Enough to to take the shot
At newfound happiness.

This poem is about: 
My family


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