Mournful weeping rips through leaves

And dewdrop tears rest so silently

And I sit here perched up high

Looking down at the time gone by

I wonder of the years I've wasted

A thing called love I wish I had never tasted

And how I put walls around me

To protect myself from the possibility

Of falling so hard, beyond my control

You promised me a love both deep and pure

A love not bound by limits

But flows like the gentle sea

You left me alone in the pouring rain

Standing in the cold, overcoming with pain

I'm still so numb

I can't believe its true

no matter how I fight it

I have to live without you

My heart is like an angel

Who's lost its gift to fly

It soared among the floating clouds

Then beaten, left to die

Things will never be the same

Cause you don't love me anymore

Theres nothing to save

So I'm letting go

You loved me and You broke me

Now I'm cursed to be alone

My soul is like a flower

That lost its summer glow

I want to scream, to feel, to cry

But instead I'm trapped behind these brown eyes

People see I'm smiling and laughing on the outside

But inside I'm frowning and crying

People see on the outside a girl who has been loved and cherished forever

But inside my heart is in a billion pieces that can't be put together

So I hope you realize, what you did to me

You took everything I ever had

Including the will to be.


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