Sun, 06/19/2016 - 00:27 -- dfm36

It has been quite awhile, Lost in a world I did not belong in.

Back to my roots where i was born in. Born again,

Never looking back to the past that almost destroyed me.

My mind melting, my thoughts clearing.

The worries I thought were erased, Slowly realizing,

that I was destroying the spirit that kept me alive in the first place.

I had lost my faith, Lost track of what I had strived for.

Begun to do things that I thought would let me reach the stars or more

Now without them my body yearned for more, Killing my reality,

which I thought was of norm.

Stumbling and Weeping. What is or What isn't?

Is this what it feels like,

To face the fears of the past and the present?

How can I fix this? Is there a way out?

Is there anything that will save me from

this never ending drought?

God is here, but my thoughts are not present.

Physically here but mentally imprisoned.

My prayers seem to be delusions, a never ending slumber

leaving a state of confusion.

As it seems to me, the world is becoming a fixed reality.

Another day, another day, another day.

I sleep to wake up feeling how I used to be.

Depressed that I was the monster destroying my reality.

I'm scared to live, I fear to love.

But my prayers I know will reach the stars above.

Stumbling and Weeping. What is or What isn't?

Will the nightmare reality be erased from my perception?

Will I ever fix this? Will I find a way out?

I will not continue to let devil leave me in doubt.

Weary eyes, what a disguise I've placed.

No reality worth living, only in faith I'm truly saved.

You've placed a forked road, one is scattered with bones.

God hear my cry's, I have faith you've not left me alone.




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