Clean Slate

Wiped away tears from the hurt that was shed

Hide the mistakes that were made on wrists because they wanted to bleed beauty 

As they were told they didn't make the cut


A voice is broken and tarried from the constant yelling you do inside your head

Waking up to see horror inflected in your eyes that crept on through a forced smile

Just so your loved ones wouldn't see pass your constant defile 


Curling up in your own tassels of discomfort and numbness 

Held together by glue that would wash away from your inner demons that mocked your clumsiness 

While trying to end your sorrow alone to the world but blame your self


You believe that for years you are meant to be put on the shelf 

Left to collect silence and dust like a forgotten piece of art work 

Selfishness was not a asset you possessed in your mindset my dear


Clean your windows so that your point of view may stay clear

Don't let the rain wash them for they will leave marks like the very scars you leave 

Wires that you cut to re wire never worked because of the fear of getting burned by world of judgment 

Hiding those burned hands from trying to be something new only to be punished for your wondering heart

Their sculptured bodies that are now chipped by the spike of questioned sanity of there self being 

This is not worth the hurt that you bleed


Ruined sidewalks ,unleveled pavement that was risen by poor self esteem 

Cracks that chipped their face from it raining so hard 

To the clouded over sun in the pit of the their glassed over skys

Don't be afraid I will reshape your physic

I will help wipe your slate clean


My hands of understanding will seal your weeping creeks 

Put concrete over your gapping cracks to seal them back up

Give me your hands so that I may tell you it's okay

While I hug you in a heart warming embrace as I listen to your tears running down your face

You can talk to me like I'm a dog I will be there for you but only I know your truest of words


I will set you free as the whitest of birds


This poem is about: 
Our world


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