Your Guardian Angel

As that pink blush Creeps to your cheek,My knees go weak.Tears spring to my eyes When I see that smile Spread across your face.The fluffy laceStrung to your dress Makes you look even more Like a princess.The fresh May flowers Sit by the doorAlong with the beautiful cake towers.  Your dad gives you a hugAnd you whisper something to himThat makes him chuckle.I feel for the diamond ringThat I will slide past your knuckle In my breast pocket.  You walk up the stairsTo take my hand In front of the chairsAll full of guests.  After the vows,I slide the wedding bandOnto your finger While you carefully wipe your tearThat just seems to linger. My grin just grows As we slowly lean in.I'm sure this showsThat I will doWhatever I need to So you will be safe.  From now on, I am the oneThat will protect youThroughout the dawn. I will never be doneLoving everything about youUntil it is timeTo rise past the sun. You are my wifeThat I love more than anything. I would give my lifeJust to see another smile. I would walk the extra mileTo spend another dayIn that ancient month of May.  The time has come Where I will rise past the sunDo not fearFor I will always be here. My years are now done But I will always beThe one who protects you. You just wait and see,For all I will do Is watch over you.  

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