Who Am I?


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Who Am I?

What makes me, me?

I have been ashamed of me.

Afraid of me.

Sometimes I look in the mirror and

I wonder why You chose me,

What do You see in me that I can't see?

I need to know because it is hurting me,

breaking me, and disappointing me

that I don't see what You see.

It's hard to believe that You find me worthy to be called Your own.

I have doubted You, not trusted You, and blamed You for everything that I feel is wrong with me.

Yet, You love me God! And all I can do is cry and write this to You.

Who Am I? I am whoever You say I am.



I wrote this poem when I was in a time of brokenness and despair. I was ashamed and felt defeated. I had hit bottom and I felt so alone, but I cried out to Good and He is healing me and showing me how to love myself.

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