Still Living Love


United States
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Anger, bitterness, and hate
That was my lost and given fate,
But then you, Lord, stepped in.
You forgave all of my sin

Your Holy Spirit came from above
Came and filled my heart with love
Came and filled my life with joy
That not even the devil could destroy

But sometimes the distractions
And other people’s reactions
Cause me to stop wanting show
All the love I’ve come to know

Rejection, doubt, and fear
Keep me from getting too near
What if they don’t like me?
What if they hurt me?

Your love has no conditions
So, why worry about reactions?
This world has no permanence
Every friendship will eventually cease

You have given enough grace
To love each sad or happy face
For each person I meet
For every stranger I greet

My heart is full of something more
I cannot hide, that it is you I adore
My life is filled with your unending joy
I know it is real, there is no ploy

For every ending friendship
For every broken companionship
You’ve given me more to share
With others who need my care

I will never find myself without
Enough love to spread throughout
A lonely, needy, desperate nation
And all those in your creation.


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