Mind Battles


United States
35° 25' 36.0876" N, 87° 19' 17.3676" W

I worry about the future, because of my past.
And I wonder if this pain, will continue to last.
All the things that happened and the things I've done,
All I want to do, is continue to run.
There's fear inside of me, I can see it everyday.
I look in the mirror and I begin to say,
"Who can I trust? Will I ever fall in love?
Are they really wolves, or are they truly a dove?"
My mind says to be afraid, but my heart says to trust.
But how can I do that, when my heart seems to rust?
As I do all I can, to keep my heart open.
My mind begins to think that I'll be left broken.
All the lies that the enemy has placed in my head.
I will never believe them, I will leave them for dead.
Devil you're a liar, you cannot steal my joy.
I will always fight you, for, I am NOT your toy!
I will take the sword of the Spirit and fight!
And I will continue to do what is right!
God, show me the directions that I need to take.
I do not want to be that person that's called, "fake".
I want to be a light, showing your great love.
And I want that love, coming straight from above!


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