A Letter to Life

Dear Life,


Some say you're short, some say you’re long,

But I can’t make up my mind as the days go on.

How slow or how fast will you decide to go by?

I can’t think about it now-- I just don’t have the time.


I try to find my purpose: who I was to who I am,

What God’s telling me to do versus what I think I can.

Does the mirror tell the truth or that little voice inside?

The voice that keeps telling me I’m priceless in my Father’s eyes.


I choose to believe that little voice inside;

For that voice is my Father, and He knows me. Why,

He knows me better than I know me,

And He wants the best for me, you see.


Maybe you don’t see, since you throw things my way.

Things intended to harm me or that mess up my day.

These things, however, are trivial-- no matter how big they seem.

God has more power, and allows everything to work out well for me.


No matter what dips or valleys I walk through,

God is always there and helps me with whatever I do.

You see, He loves me unconditionally, so

He’s always with me wherever I go.


I could go on and on, till the end of time,

For my God is forever truthful, and He never lies.

I’m not sure how to end this, but I’ll settle for this way:

Goodbye, and I’ll do my best to live well for the rest of my days.



Child of God

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