Sam's Song (2/17/20)

What, shall I fear the veiled unknown?
To die and pass the mortal shroud
They say ascencion through the cloud
Will whisk me to the Gloried Throne,
But what awaits? No tongue has told
The radiance beyond our sight,
And shall I gaze on it aright?
Or hide mine eyes from Light, extolled
By angels; seraphs, cherubim
Circling round the Mercy Seat
Pealing praises, full replete
With "Hallelu Yah! Proclaim the King
Of Heaven!" My tongue could so praise
Untainted veneration so
Then doubtless, fearless could I know
And expectantly await my days
In the mortal coil wrapped
Til at long last they shall expire
And I rise to nevermore retire,
No more by mortal constraints trapped.

Shall I fear Death? Not so, says I
But I shall ever on my God rely



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