Living With God


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(poems go here) She's Screaming and crying,
I don't know what to do.
I try to help her,
But I can't move.
My daddy,
He hits her again and again.
My poor little sister,
My one and only friend.
I know one thing,
It's my turn next.
He's a child abuser,
You can tell from the text.
I cannot run,
He'll chase me down.
I'm not daddy's princess,
I have no crown.
The beatings,
They go on and on.
I can't get help,
I have no mom.
No mom to hold me,
And make things better.
My sister,
From blood,
Is getting redder and redder.
You have no idea
Of the pain I'm being dealt,
My sister is dead now,
Soon I'll know how she felt.
No one knows how sorry he may feel,
He doesn't realize lunch from school could be, My last meal.
Goodbye to this world.
Hello to my friend,
Because God says, right now, it's time for my life to end.


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