The Wandering Poet III


Somewhere along the road to Zion, I fell from the narrow path
It's time that I return from iron, it's time that I head back
It was written in the form of lions, which created a clamp
The serpents gathered frightened, as I held my soul intact

However I was still lost and frozen, along that dirt road
I thought of the 144,000 chosen, to make it home
The tearful reasons for seasons, why Demeter made it cold
The eternal flames in Hades, which held heat from the globe

I remember being left to rot in the sun, I was dying of thirst
The prayers I sent to God above, to save me from a hearse
The devil was trailing wishing to crush me, to reach me first
I remember the holiest of water falling, soaking the dark Earth

I had felt exasperation coming, from my place of peace
The poems were becoming numbing, nothing mattered to me
I had lost many treasures, such as golden bars and jewelry
However nothing could even measure, to the pain given to me

When my brother was given away, I felt as if love had failed
I thought of God testing my faith, when my best friend was killed
I wondered, why the children were easily led astray, and the demons never repelled?
I wondered, why if Satan was really slain, was he allowed to rule over all of hell?

The soul of the universe, has begun to speak the sounds of silence
The deserts, the oceans, and the forest, had all fallen quiet
I felt the torrential hurt in me, seeking to reach violence
I heard my mother coo to me, and sing songs of old Zion

In that moment I felt the sudden surge of all emerge
In that moment I felt myself be carried past the birds
In that moment I became reconnected with all in the world
In that one universal moment, I heard God breathe my words

As if his lungs were in need of a story to keep him alive
I felt that anything I was feeling was just human sacrifice
Because each and every day we are blessed to reach life
As souls accomplish their task and are then allowed to die

I then fell from the sky as I opened my eyes it was night
I then realized under the haze and guise of moonlight
That I was destined to walk this path to the great divide
With my brother and mother at heart, Zion on my mind

In this way I know that I was given the gift of truth
I was given these legs and feet in order to move
I was given fish and bread so I’d never beg for food
Now my only wish is to pass these things on to you

I do this because I cannot afford to lose you to acts
Of devils that look to torment you with your past
I write these songs of life so that you won’t have to reenact
This is my journey, this is my destiny, this is my narrow path.


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