I Am Not A Poet

Mon, 06/23/2014 - 14:45 -- QueenV


I am not a poet.

I am a speaker of words,

words that contain faith, words that contain promise, and words that contain vision.

I am going to make my mark on the world,

and this is the beginning of the incision.

Good seeds I’m sewing, blessings I know I will reap.

They say change is like a cut from a knife,

and the first cut is deep,

but I Am Not A Poet.

I am a vessel finally being put to use,

after enduring all the abuse,

mentally, physically, and emotionally.

No, God didn’t give up, He saw hope in me,

but I Am Not A Poet.

I am simply a young woman transitioning from a life of holding it all in,

to gaining a divine release from using paper and a pen.

But I Am Not A Poet.

I am a patient.

With God as my surgeon, I’m prepared for surgery,

He takes his scalpel removing things and sculpting me.

I am changed.

My words, thoughts, and actions are no longer the same,

just like Paul, God changed my name.

But I Am Not A Poet.

I am much more than that.

God gave me words to speak to restore those things that we thought we lacked.

He gave me a vast vernacular,

to do something spectacular,

to speak life into those things which were pronounced dead.

Wake up Lazarus, arise from your bed!

I said, Lord folks are sleeping on me!

Now alarm clocks are ringing,

I’m coming harder now,

Its over.

The fat lady is singing.

But I Am Not A Poet.


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