Doubting Thomas


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I wrote this a few years back before my confirmation of my faith. Hope you like it!:

Who is He?
That odd shadow of something
We can’t even begin to understand?
Big enough to be everywhere,
Yet so small as to fit into the palm of your hand.
Who is He?

Some people say He’s like a tiny whisper,
Singing sweetly in your ear.
Some say he just puts thoughts in your head,
For you to hold close and dear.

Others might say He appears,
In many different things—
In a burning bush here,
On top of a mountain there.

A few, and just a few, like me, will quietly admit,
We’ve never seen or had that happen.
Although common sense begs, are we even letting it?

Then we’re all called ‘Doubting Thomases,’
And just like in the Bible—
We say:
“Make this happen, make that happen, just please make some promises!”

When it doesn’t happen,
Which we all could see coming,
Then we’ll turn our backs away
Pretending like we don’t…



Who is He,
That every time I try to leave, I end up coming back?
And every time, he receives me with warm, welcoming arms.
Who is He?

I believe His name is God.

My Mom named me Thomas for a good reason.


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