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The Words I Should Have Said To Her

Fri, 04/26/2013 - 13:46 -- kroby13

Once there was a careless girl
Didn't mind when she left this world
Priced herself at zero
dreamin her mom was her invinsible hero

Your costume ain't foolin' anyone,
Your futures bright, your past can't be undone
tell everyone "don't give a fuck" you're havin' fun
but girl, you ain't foolin' anyone.

Eyes are the windows to the soul,
Please stop swingin' from that pole
Hope consequences don't unfold
If not consider your soul sold
Stop this body decay and mold
fight through, you'll see your bronze morph to gold

You can stop this self-inflicted cancer,
life's a bitch but you can't chance her
now roll out of the unknown's sheets,
there's a better life I'd like you to meet
Break your routine degradation
or selfishly continue your life's abrasion
Would I attend your funeral you had planned?
"Greener Grass?" you never saw this land.
What a waste of beauty, now you're damned.
Why feed yourself to the lion? You dumb little lamb,
but we sit outside the glass, hoping you take a stand.

We are gathered here today,
as she joins her mom in the grave,
I'm fumbling the words I wanted to say:

your costume ain't foolin anyone,
your future's bright your past cant be undone
tell everyone "don't give a fuck" you're havin' fun
but girl, you never fooled anyone.