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Introduction: Who I Am

First name,


last name,


middle is,


I slam about race, religion, and psychology.


The sins of the father,

passed down to the son,

generational patterns,

haunting Asian ones.


As clinicians,

we call it working on your “issues”,

Asians see it as a weakness,

especially when they grab a tissue.


The pride you have,

it’s time to swallow,

swallow that pride,

and go deeper inside.


Enmeshment, neglect, abuse, and abandonment,

tough topics to talk about,

but needed to erase your emotionally dark cloud.


I don’t expect you to comprehend what I’m saying,

Sometimes healing comes by,

simply kneeling and praying.


I’m religious and not spiritual,

believe in a God who performs miracles.


My eyes he opened,

my heart he healed,

my faith he’s given,

my soul he’s restored.


If you’re Christian or you’re Asian,

maybe your life seems bleak,

or you’re hiding in secrecy,

you need to know,

there’s a Savior who loves you,

a Christ who died,

a message for you.


Forgiveness for the forsaken,

acceptance for your transgressions,

redemption for your rejection,

salvation for your submission,

the promise of an identity,

for all of eternity.

This poem is about: 


wanting to be

i spend so much time reaching for connections that have been severed on the other end


i am so terribly lonely that i would rather deal with people loving me for my actions rather than for my heart


i want to be able to just do nothing or say silly things and not feel judged for my "stupidity" 


i give so much love and i feel like i have to fight so hard to get anything in return 


am i just hard to love? am i not worth it? 


This poem is about: 
My family
My community



being 24 feels so lonely and it's exhausting to hurt this much

A Letter to My Teacher


Dear, kind teacher,

Quite long this year may seem,

as if we're  going nowhere.


Quite shameful this situation may seem,

as if it did not concern you.


Quite short your experience may seem,

as if it were your first year here.


Quite dreadful your class may seem,

as if it were you who cannot find the words to teach.


Dear, gentle teacher,

Quite a lot we esteem you,

as if you were the teacher we wished for.


Do what YOU teach

It is plain and simple;

Treat others the way you want to be treated.

Shockingly it works, try it.



Tue, 06/12/2018 - 04:13 -- B.M.E

Its hard to get attached to people,

As I grew up in different countries,

the only meaningful people was my family,

It only took the special ones to get my attention,

I dont pay attention to this world,

I live in my mind,

A state that I found peace from bullies,

A state that I was not judged ,

A state where its full of love ,

A state where I dont live to peoples expectactions,

A state that never hurt me, 

A state that distrcted me from pain

And most importantly 

A state I find comfort and love for myself.

I was always different from a young age,

so immediately I was rejected by the society 

or I rejected the society?

so getting attached was weird for me

It still is,

People try to talk to me,

I did not understand why,

Some were nice 

but most of them dont recognize me

So I find it difficult to get attached to people,'

It takes a special kind to get my attention

A special kind with the same mindset 

or that takes me out of my mind



This poem is about: 



Is a boy still a boy when you put a sword in his hand and tell him that he’s a solider now?

Is a boy still a boy when you take him from his home to die somewhere for a cause he doesn’t understand?

Is a boy still a boy when you wipe his blood off your knife and close his eyes on the world forever?

Is a boy still a boy when you burn his body and choke on his ash and stench as they blow in the wind?


Is a boy still a boy when its time to go to war?


Hello Stranger

We met the other day,

All was fine one could say.

Let's face the truth: it was not.

We were strangers to one another,

Different from what we thought.

It was awkward,

Was it not?


We greeted, and huged

Yet the familiar embrace wasn't there.

It felt hollow and empty,

As if my friend was gone.

Where you really there?

Have I changed too much?

Our friendship was fine

But perhaps a reality is too much.


We text for a while,

We always have something to say,

But when we're together it goes away.

We don't have conversations,

Proper ones at least,

Jumping around from topic to topic,

But it is all the same.


We were friends once,

But what is it that is gone?

Was I not what you expected?

Did I expect too much?

Hello there stranger,

Someone I swore I knew,

It was nice to meet you.

But time slips by,

As does our meeting,

Maybe our old friendship lost its meaning.

This poem is about: 
My community
Our world


The Endless Procession

You left us all, I didn't understand why you did that

I needed you, you were the one who always had my back

I am you, and without you, I would and could not exist

‘spose its life, and death is required for others to persist


I will take your place, in the endless procession of life

little else I can do but balance on the edge of that knife

knowing that I too will soon make that closing transition

passing the banner to my son as I join your final mission


Will you be there to guide me through the darkened gate

Your knowing hand on my shoulder, my dad, my best mate

What if you're not there, did you too have to travel alone

Will you and I become mist or will we resemble stone


Is that why you left, to show we only exist through our own

a existentialism that we are free to make ourselves known

We are, as we are and it is up to us to make a difference

One life, our own, so celebrate its sublime magnificence


I realise now why you left, you did have my back

your final lesson of life, to not be one of the pack

reach for perfection in all of lifes little directions

but don't get hung up on annoying imperfections 


A lesson without words, a life's lesson in positive action

Strive to be all you can be, live life without hesitation

I know now I can follow you, as you left so I will too

So son enlighten your own, you're the next one through.

This poem is about: 
My family
My community



Hi Grooves a repeople,how are you?

This is a great piece.



Thanks mate, had a look at your stuff.  Under the Skin is pretty good, I like it. Cheers

Lights, Camera, & Fear

Sudor and Anxiety

Things all too common in my life

There’s that deep pit in my stomach

Feeling as if it’s been twisted with a knife


Do I dare to continue?

Do I dare face the unknown?

For what lies in the shadows

Shall I conquer and overthrow


As I stare from the side

In my head, I repeat

As I scrimmage to the stage,

“For I will never face defeat”


In center and in sight

Fear grows strong like Goliath

But like David I rise

And my fear becomes silent


As I stride across the stage

And I deliver my verse,

In that moment, I knew

Fear was me thinking the worst


I am F.L.A.W.L.E.S.S.

Female- Delicate

Lovely- In looks and manner

Artstic- In craft, style, and thought

Woman- Yet strong

Lady- Held in high regard and self esteem

Elegant- In the way of movement and grace

Serene- Preserved reserved, untouched

Senseable- Deep-thinking and understanding



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