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School: take two

And we're back, 

5 weeks in,

again with the depression.

last night another attack

constantly looking for a snack

I'm hungry I'm tired, 

and i'm broke wanting to retire. 



Trading lowercase for Capital

lips shut tight

what i might say won't be right

always silent, out of sight

never argue or put up a fight


I wish my voice could ring like a GONG!

I wish I could tell someone they are WRONG!

I wish I felt like I BELONG!

I wish I could be STRONG!


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Darkness is my Identity

Tue, 04/29/2014 - 17:13 -- bwndell




The question resonates in my brain as the ringing in my ears drill on with great intensity


I am submerged into darkness, limp with fatigue 

I find nothing but pain lost in light and darkness

Separated by the veil

Diving desperately into the darkness

Looking for the distant lights

Facing muted stares and just beyond my fingertips




I am thought 

I am sound

I am light

I am darkness

My identity has become darkness 




A world filled with color has been replaced, the image you long to touch has suddenly been erased.    A vivid imagination when making colored creations, a world different from ours that couldnt be put on paper. But who am I? Just a picture in black and white, a photo filter created to hide whats deep inside.

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Shaking Away the Dust


United States
41° 8' 0.078" N, 112° 3' 34.416" W

We plan out lives out in
moments, around people, around
events. When things don't go
accordingly, our worlds fall
apart. And, when I write,

I write about the rubble:

the pieces of broken heart and
the fragments of happiness. When
there's no earthquake to make
mountains shake, the debris
isn't there. I can't write to

clear the dust. So I have to

write about others wreckage.
I pretend to know how to
handle their emotions when
I don't even know how to
build my life out of my own.

I just pretend to know.


I was, Now I Am

Bright lights but a shadow heart 

Real Words but a hurtful tougue

Persuasive eyes but different color pupils 

Loving songs with broken guitar strings 

Wearing a coat full people and a hat full of thieves

Soul like ravens but have the intentions like christian crusaders 

Rejecting you to be with me 

Counting numbers from 4 to 10 and leaving behind 1,2, and 3

Who are you to save a neck of rods when im still collecting metal 

Troubled with words but unique with poison

Striked me down with open knowledge then kissed me with working magic

Made with anger and killed by love

Pulled out by a finger and sheltered by its hand 

Asked for it  but was given Me

Smiled and now Smiling 


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why not

I always held myself back until someone asked me

why not.

I never wanted to take a risk until somone asked me

why not.

I wanted to play it safe until someone asked me

why not.

So why are you waiting? I'm asking you

why not?

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Our world


"I'm fine."

Life,well,we all know it's hard. But for some strange reason we all keep moving on, even tho one of us passes away or makes a mistake we're fine, because we are all so used to putting up that mask, and saying stuff you don't mean, then if somone suspects something you shut them out with two  the simple words, "I'm fine." And they just seem to always walk away. 

You see, there's two people in this world, the one who takes the time to smell the roses, and the other who just strides past them. What one are you? Well, that's for your actions to deside. The words "I'm fine" shut people out, the words "I'm fine." Make people Unsure if your ok. Unsure if you need them. So for once, say something other then im fine.

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