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Never Could


 I can see the light in hindsight

But am I doin good?

Trees get weaker by Minutes

but ever lasting There sentence

Im only asking because Im

 broken down and defenseless

Thats why I confide in your blessence

Father if you hear me im on the fences

weak in a sense its kind of demoralizing

But ill show my pretentious

I dont underline my mind is extensive

Leaves even let go at the edges

my favorite number is 7

i can change the world

but instead I learn rrom

The Heavens



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Our world


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When Did I Grow Up?

Wed, 04/10/2019 - 15:49 -- EmSand

When Did I Grow Up


You say, “I can’t believe how much you’ve grown up!”  “When did you get so big?”

“Are you going to college?”  “What major are you interested in?”  

“I remember when you were 3, when did you get so…...old?”

I’m 17 not 71 and yes, I’ve grown, no surprise. Time flies!

We all change.  Life isn’t the same for me either.  

Lemme ask you….

When did I go from “a mess” to “learn to be responsible”?

“Sassy” to “Be Respectful”? “Sleepy” to “Lazy”? “Have Fun” to “Someone might have a gun”

“There is no such thing as monsters under the bed”

to “Be Careful! Stay Aware!  Think! Use your head!

Bad things happen to good people.”

Don’t be in the wrong place at the wrong time.

Is there a right time for a wrong place?  

See, yesterday, I was playing dress up, saving my prince and slaying dragons.  

Today, I dress down, sweats and tees, pray that people don’t notice me.

Cover my shoulders, back, breast, stomach, and legs because

I can’t distract the prince.

And slaying dragons, well, that just makes me a bitch.

Gone are the days I worried about cartoons, colors, and snacks.  Now I worry about

Grades, Assessments, Life Goals, Fitting in, Being cool but not too cool.  Don’t want to look conceited. Do they like me? Why don’t they like me? Do I like me?   

Am I good enough?  Am I enough?

Make the right choices, Don’t fail, Don’t ruin your life, Don’t Flush it all down the drain

Just play the game.  

Follow the rules. Just like being a kid.    

Except now, rules aren’t shared

Until after you did what you did.

So, I guess that’s how I know

How grown up I’ve become

When I started learning from mistakes

And began planning for what’s to come.


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Have you ever wondered?

“Mommy I want to fly to the moon and you can come with me!”

These were the words I told my mom when I was seven years old,

Only was an innocent girl, kept shut like a a prisoner from the world.

Growing up with not many answers to my whys and hows.


Although in this generation I can found those answer easily online.  

People have changed the course of history by asking themselves one question…

“What if…” What if humans were able to travel through the air? 

What if there was a way to create a device that holds everything you need in the palm of your hand?”

Hmm wonder if that sounds familiar.

We are like robots, automatically our minds know where to look and what to do.

Google, its one of the number one things i bet its one of the huber one things the world do without.

Well who do you think put those answers there?

You know who, you, people, just like you and me.


Then tell me why people would believe it either way if someone like you and me can do the same thing?

Make you think right.

But, what if we could change those answers. 

You know the impossible ones.

“Oh thats not real, thats impossible….”

Wonder how many times I’ve heard that one before.

Well nothing is ever impossible.

The only thing that is impossible is if you tell yourself it is.

The only thing to fear is the fear you hold in the deepest darkest corner of yourself.

What are you afraid of?


Thats why you can never give up on something, 

People will put challenges, road blocks, detours in your way, but don't let that stop you.

the same person who says I can and I can’t are both usually not wrong.

Never let anyone tell “you can’t do that,” or “oh you’ll never make it” 

because who knows, you could be the next face a child will learn in class.

But how will you know without being the child you once were, with questions you one had?

I wonder.



Dear stranger who judges me,


Why should you be able to read my story just by looking at me?

I am who I want to be

I can become someone else

I have become one else.

That scar that you see is from when I was a different me

You see,

I am not who you decide you want me to be.


These scars tell stories:

On my knee from the time I wiped out on the playground

I have been wiped out.

My personality is now blurred

By who you think I am

And who you want me to be.


These scars tell stories:

Imprinted in my palm from a dog bite

You take a bite out of me when you look at me like that

And assume where I got my scars.

You think you know my stories

But they are my stories to tell

Mine and mine alone.


These scars tell stories:

Maybe there are untold stories,

Ones that no one has heard.

Maybe there are scars on my wrists

Maybe there aren't

So which will it be?

Silly me,

You knew the answer to that the second you looked at me.


I am a book with scratches, folds and marks

But I was not written just so you could scan me

I was not written just so you could bleed me out

I have bled,

That's what created these scars.

These physical marks on my body that will stay with me forever

I will not stay with me forever.


My personality will continuously change

Constantly improving, flipping and rearranging.

Who I am and who I want to be

Is not defined by the way you see me.

My scars show a past me that I am not allowed to forget

But each one makes me who I am now

And will make me who I am in the future.


I choose to be

Not who you judge me as,

Not who you see when you look at my cover.

I choose to be

Who you see when you turn the pages of my story

And really analyze

Each stanza

Each word and line

Each bend on the corner

Each pencil marking written in

Each typo and grammar mistake

Has made my story the way it is.

You cannot change my story by reading it,

Don't try.

Because my scars stay the same,

But I never will.



Ever-changing me



This poem is about: 
Our world





My dream makes my heart beat

My ambition feeds my soul

The journey which I seek

Will take me through many tolls


I have to work hard to pay my dues

Creating a plan to see it through

Stay focused, stay strong with whatever path I choose

With guidance, and perseverance, my dream will come true


Homework, projects, and experience are my chores

Distractions will come to bend the way

The path may detour

But I’ll never be lead astray


Long or short the path I take

My education and future is what makes my life tick

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I am... Complicated

Someday you'll understand
Why I am the way I am
Someday you'll understand
That I'm not just the quiet girl
The one who sits in the back of the class
Not uttering a single word
Someday you'll understand
That there's more to me than meets the eye
Someday you'll understand
Things have happened, that have changed me
Someday you'll understand
That I'm not the same person I used to be
That there's a reason for everything I do
Someday you'll understand
Why I am the way I am
Someday you'll understand

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The concert

A note rings out into the room

A casual free note

Made to lighten the hearts of all

A harmonious linger 

Along with the soft touch of silence

As the note joyously dies 

A fruitful existence 

Had it been

But as of all things,

It had been met with 

An unavoidable end

This poem is about: 
Our world



Life is not free.

There is always a fee.

We all must pay to stay.

Life is not free,

it is all pretend.

Given lies to believe.

Life is not free.

Education has a price, and food and drinks.

Telling lies, and truths, and beliefs.

Life is a price, we pay with no relieve. 

Life is not free.

We are lied to and we believe, because they trick and deceive. 

Life is not free, nor will it be.