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Wed, 04/23/2014 - 15:45 -- Elim19

       The way the desire for you pumps is out of this world.You feel like you want me but you say something is holding you back. The desire I have for you can't stop as I try to listen but you push back and I keep coming for you. Your inter most deepest temptations start to kick in and your desire for me goes without question that you want me.I can not stand to be away from you as You are everything and what I desire for you is Everything and it could be the smallest thing but what i feel for you can never stop. As I desire you I know that one day we will be as one.


First Bloom

Thu, 02/13/2020 - 16:59 -- Adcst8

It’s lonely to be the first bloom

You wake from a long sleep

Excited to see the new world

Winter snow melting away

Revealing the long-hidden green

Only to find yourself all alone

It takes patience to be the first bloom

To know others are on their way

and the only thing between you and them is time

It’s hard not knowing

How long you have to wait

When all you want,

 is some to share the world with

It’s worth it to be the first bloom

To greet every new flower that opens their bud

with wisdom they will soon learn

To be able to introduce each fresh bloom

to the spring earth

To be there for every single one

So, they don’t have to be alone

Like you were




Let's Talk

Let’s talk about the frickle frackle,

The things that don’t make sense.

Let’s talk about the would have been,

The could have been,

The should have been.


Let’s talk about the things unseen,

The things that you just believe in.

Let’s talk about the word “Hope”

That thing called “Belief”

The things you have or you don’t,

That which can’t be taught.


Let’s talk about the Broken things,

Those poor Broken Wings.

Let’s talk about the quiet girl,

The shy boy,

The silent and hidden.


Let’s talk about the crazy ones,

The outcasts,

Let’s talk about those locked away,

The ones who see things that shouldn’t be,

The ones who talk to those unseen,

The ones who are misunderstood.


Let’s talk about the beautiful,

The girl with tears streaming down her face,

Let’s talk about the ones in pain,

The boy with the broken heart,

The people who carry scars,

The broken and the bleeding.


Let’s talk about the things you don’t see,

The people suffering every day.

Let’s talk about your friends,

The girl sitting beside you,

The boy who needs you late at night,

The ones who need someone to say that things will be ok.



Innocence is a trait lost so young these days

It can be lost in so many ways

I was there the day you first entered the world

And I laughed as my fingers you twirled

I witnessed your excitement from the Christmas tree lights

And I was the one with who you had your first sibling fight

Together we ran amok in the candy aisles

Even now I remember all the smiles

I've been so lucky to expierence all the stuff which is so new to you

I hope, Little Brother, that you feel lucky too

We are many years apart

But you are the innocence in my heart






I am one with my soul and God

Granted my body to be on this world

But how can one, be “one”

If they are not connected

And they are slipping into this cruel

Savage beast we call solitary

It’s cold down there

Deep down in the interior of the blizzard sea

Where the sharks are the people

And the ice is the misguided words spoken

The same words, used to fool with one’s mind

Hoping to believe what is not the truth

Humans crave the feeling of being wanted

To the point of losing ourselves

Others, engulf the pain, hiding the real belief

Those people

Do not fit into the crowd

of drug using

Cancer killing

Sexually driven

Disoriented sinister souls

That commit more sins than Hell

Those people, stick to themselves

Finding their true friends but still want to be noticed

How can you have everything?

And still be lonesome?

It’s because you still don’t fit in

You have good friends, but no connection

As you see the bond thicker with someone else in your group

Pondering, why your level doesn’t match

Still, your head remains high

Continuing to be friends with them because it is your family

You do not leave family

But you still want

The satisfaction of being noticed

By the past, present, and future people

That have and will enter your life for a reason

Time will pass

So I shall continue to fall

Fall until the hands of contentment

Catch me

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United States
36° 6' 18.8352" N, 80° 12' 15.2784" W

Punch, kick, shoot & stab but what will that solve????? Nothing I suppose, so figure out an alternative way to resolve.?.?.

Hatred, Anger & Frustration runs through your conflicted head. Unaware of the actions you've enforced because the person you've harmed is pronounced dead...

Now you're stuck with the thoughts of should've, could've, would've.... What's done is done now accept it & move on with your life.

The consequences upon you hurt like a deeply cut wound, Prison awaits your arrival at 21, Oh so soon?!?

Finally, you understand the concept of changing your life! Strive for positive change instead of hustling into negative strife!

Life is life & everything happens for a particular reason but as long you change in your heart & mind then you'll defintely arrive unto a promising season...

Now I see the difference within you as a new man, so throw the old material away in your past life & grasp unto a new successful brand....

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What Truly Matters.

Fri, 04/01/2016 - 20:52 -- NTM

The question at hand, is not a simple one

living with just one thing, is not simply done. 

But seeing how this is what the poem is about 

I'll give you my answer soon, without a doubt. 

whatever I bring, It would have to matter.

If I was without it, My life would shattter. 

My answer is not a object that is shiny, or gleaming

It is something that gives my life its meaning.

If I lost this, I would be in complete agony.

My answer is in fact my entire family.

For what is living life if there is no one to live for

Living a lonely life will leave one's soul sore. 

Don't you see life is more than the things we own

The emphasis that "objects matter," is way over blown

Life is about the relationships we build.

It'll give you happiness, and with joy you'll be filled. 

You could argue that family is more than one thing

to that I say, "It is not how it seems."

Only ONE thing can be brought and that if for certain

and my family consists of more than one person

but I would not count the people individually 

because when we come together we are ONE family.

My family is what I definitely choose

For my family is something I could never lose.










This poem is about: 
My family
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Always on My Mind





Your weight must reflect who you are

Don’t wear this if you are fat

Don’t go to the gym if you are skinny

Eat healthy

But not to healthy

Every day I hear these words

I may be fat

But I am me

I am proud

I am strong

But I am also weak

Why are you sad?

People have it worse than you

Why are you happy?

You just failed a test

I hear these words and I scream

                “Who are you to tell me how to be me?”

I hate hearing people trying to fix me

But I want to be fixed

I hate watching people hate themselves

But I do the same

It makes me mad knowing I cannot do anything

I am one of them

I hate myself most days

I also give into social ways

I know that I shouldn’t

I cannot believe I do

I wish the world was a place where I could always


                Love myself


I wish the world was a better place

So the fat can be fat

So skinny can be skinny

So the tall can be tall

And the short can be short

No social pressure

No more suicide

No more depression

All because of what we look like

No more people telling us what to do

No more people telling us how to do it

I wish the world was a better place

And that is

                Always on my mind


Grant-Grey Porter Hawk Guda

Powerful expression. Always let poetry fill your life. Keep expressing your heart.  

Through My Eyez


United States

Dear America,


Take a walk in my shoes 

Get a look through my frames 

One step will leave you with regret

A single glance would scare all lames

Peaking through the stone

Wreaking of roses

I witness tragedy

and lose a brother every solstice 

Devil’s paradise

Violence, murder, poverty 

Happiness is gold here 

And a foreign concept is generosity 

To survive you need heart

So for me don’t weep or show pity

Long as my heart pumps 

and I strive

I'll endeavor to end this pain

and never rewind


- Sincerely, The Caged Caterpillar 


This poem is about: 
My family
My community
My country
Our world