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I am the brightest star in the galaxy 

In my mind anyways

I shine so brigh because I have a meaning

Ad\nd even if it's not prevelent now

I don't need anything intereferring my dreams

My hopes all together

Summed up by one

Spoken of by some

But accomplished by none

So many obstacles in this world

All around you is losing there's 

Pray to God


My Heart

I ripped out one Stitch 

I ripped out two

They'd all be ripped out if it weren't for you


You treat me right 

You hold me tight

I could say you saved my life


If it weren't for you then

I'd be dead

Probably a bullet through my head


But im her now, thanks to you

and I'd like to say

I Love You. 


Why I Love School?

Mon, 01/27/2014 - 16:55 -- Loki96

Something new and exciting each day

Cool people all around

Helpful tips and experiences that prepare one for life

Opportunities to better oneself all the time   

Outstanding lessons in different subjects

Learning what one needs to do what they love




Cure of the Heart

Sun, 01/19/2020 - 22:55 -- kapanev

Young one as told.

My brother not old.

With a smile so precious,

To me it was treasured. 

No words spoken,

But, actions taken.

Thoughts so clear,

There was no fear.

Then I knew,

There was so much to do.

Change so bold,

Cures turn to stories told.


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My family
My community
My country
Our world
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Like a dandelion


United States
32° 28' 36.228" N, 83° 36' 10.4832" W

Free and floating, oblivious of troubles in the world,

beautiful yet gazed upon as vermin, usurping, and without meaning.

But every view is subjective, what is a waste of space to one

is light in the darkest night to others.

Yes, a dandelion, beautiful and such a strong symbol

can easily be dismantled and stripped of its beauty by the gentlest of wind.

A whisper, typically inignfcant, throws something so simple

yet so powerful into complete and utter chaos.

This poem is about: 
Our world



I go to school each morning,

Hoping to have a good day.

But my teachers always ruin it,

They never fail to find a way.

All they do is give out homework,

And make us feel like we're dumb.

It's so frustrating,

I just want to have some fun.

I crave to learn astronomy,

to learn among the stars.

Or even psychology

And how crazy we really are.

School is a place for learning and then thriving to learn even more.

So why has it turned into the place where I look forward to walking out the door?

School needs to be more than just homework and tests,

It needs to be full of knowledge and life,

Forget about the rest.

I learn nothing from tests or staring at a board,

Being involved is what I want more!

More actvities, more movement, more laughter, more joy,

Experiencing more life (and possibly more boys?).

I want to learn,

Not just be taught.

I want school to be more than the place that it's not.


America Look At You


America look at you.

Look at yourself and finally see that the problem you're fighting is you and not they.

The closing of your boarders, the cocking of your guns,

None of this will put food in the stomachs of starving children.

It will not shade our down and out brothers and sisters.

It will not fix our educational system which cares more about money than knowledge.

It will not release our brothers of color or empty out the prisons,

Nor will it rehabilitate our young;

It will not get addicts the attention they need.

It will not make us love each other more.

America when will the health of your people mean more than the cost of war?

When will it mean more than the selling of souls?

How much is a dollar when your children are killing each other at the point of a gun?

How many families must be broken before the massacre is done?

When will other countries see us as anything other than a bully?

America, why are we a bully?

Why do we create rules that we expect others to follow when we don't want them for ourselves?

Why do we get the freedom of movement while we close our doors to our fellow human?

When will you love us all as those who are created equally under God, Amen?

America when will money be worthless, so we buy our food with basic need?

Make a living with compassion and love?

America when will poets get to stop shouting to the rhythm of the beats?

When will you be something Ginsberg would be proud of?

When will you look at the flaws that have been shouted about from your conception?

America, the land of the free and home of the brave.

America, put your guns down and keep your children safe.


My friend once told me...

Dear best friend,

You once told me

"Trust is like a piece of paper.

Art paper, blank paper, wide ruled, college-ruled--it didnt matter.

Paper comes in many form, just like trust. 

Whenever someone breaks that trust, the paper is crumpled up




and unfolded once more. The paper is the same paper,

but the lines of shame and deciet remain. 

Just like trust is never the same once it is broken." 

You once told me

"Paper is blank for a reason. 

Filling blank space with something is what gives human life meaning. 

Solving why the space was blank in the first place gives meaning. 

But sometimes, space has meaning on its own. 

Learning when to step in, and when to step back and appreciate,

were signs

of becoming


and knowing. 

Creation only happens on the blankest of space,

just as life is only created by the ones who refuse to simply be space."

You once said

"Death is naught but a doorway, dear.

You have to walk through it to get somewhere new."

Now that I think back on it,

you never were



or depressed.

Even when

You told me



This poem is about: 
My family
My community


Dear Little Sister,

Wed, 01/04/2017 - 18:54 -- mcleo1

Dear Little Sister,You’re not so little now,And you never really were.You’re still 3 minutes younger,So what I say is still true. But,Dear Little Sister,just like how you aren’t so little anymore,Things have changed between us.Such asA rift as strong as paper,That most likely won’t be fixed,Or a role reversal,Where I’m locked out,And I start to look through the keyhole,Instead of the other way around.Dear Little Sister,I know what you’ve been through,And I don’t like how it feels.But my realization came too late,And I started scrambling,Like all students do,When a final grade is coming out,But there’s nothing left to do. Dear Little Sister,I hope you can see outside into the hallway,Or even piece together the ripped paper,That I was too ignorant to notice. Dear Little Sister,I know it’s not much, But all I can say isI’m sorry.

This poem is about: 
My family



Learning to love yourself is a journey-- mind sways from happiness-- to laying on a gurney-- needing an attorney to defend against the prosecutions of life-- devil sending destruction with little strife-- cuz every milestone you make-- another setback occurs-- good days aren't consistent-- every night, eyes blur-- and deter from the goal-- becoming one with the soul--

But the fights not solo-- those close can help ease the blow-- but know, intentions aren't forever good-- the outside doesn't show what's under the hood-- the venom and ill behind the scene-- can strike fast like a daydream-- so watch the tide as it rolls-- does it still move when your gravity slows?-- is it still rolling when your wind doesn't blow?-- or is it far off where the new waves flow?--

It's the ebb and flow-- the water's not always ya buddy-- recognize that some waves aren't sweet as honey-- stray to a different wave when the tides a little funny-- you're trying to live for the times when the sky is sunny-- grass green-- water clear-- oceans of money-- eating by ya self... cuz like I said the tide is funny-- cut that negativity out-- because the journeys for you-- devised to make you whole-- a life brand new--

The point of the path is-- things get left in the past-- and those that are meant will surely last-- and thrive through the pain-- the tribulations won't break em'-- when tempers flare and pockets slim-- when misunderstanding strikes and situations grim-- it’s all preparing for the signature end-- its ok that they blew up and left on a whim-- hop off and swim-- watch the tide roll smoother--

Watch the body slim and figure-- ya mind doesn't trigger-- skin become clearer-- thoughts start to mirror-- the goals you plan to reach-- the aspirations in your speech-- knowing that negativity doesn't leech-- soul not becoming weak-- but strong in ya self--  self-love top shelf-- realizing that selfishness helped-- when you hopped the wave-- brave enough to say you can't stay-- cuz you'll drown-- stray away from the frown-- let that selfishness abound-- into that happiness you've found--


This poem is about: 
My family
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