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Change begins with us

This is the question, the question that I’ve been stuck on for the past 18 years

The question I need to ask the general population

And by "general" population, I actually mean white straight males in particular.


How can you cross your hearts and swear on mothers’ graves that this country is the best?

That all the songs, poems, and anthems written about it, about that dazzling flag

Are actually true?

How can you look every person of the LGBT community,

Every person of color, every immigrant, refugee, every woman

And say in all seriousness that we are the best there is?


“We are the best there is” oh, yes, of course!

We’re so good that we are tossing out

Refugees, immigrants, building walls to shut out everyone else when this country,

Let I remind you, built on the graves of native Americans, this nation is connected by the glue

Of diversity! Apparently, someone must’ve changed the definition of diverse because last time I checked, it was not: Straight and White.

America is supposed to be a new hope, how is that so when rights are being stripped away, people are being forced out, and countless people being killed thanks to police brutality that nobody bats an eyelash on except for the ones actively dying!


If this is a nation that’s as good as people say it is, show me, show us!  

The proof is not in the pudding and the spewing of bigotry and hatred towards others, led by the walking orange man himself on his campaign, is not something to be proud of.

There’s nothing worse than feeling the utter shame of saying “I’m American” by taking a look at the news to wonder who else is being attacked now, who is it today? What graves have been destroyed, what monuments vandalized, what group of people targeted?

In order to make America something everyone can be proud of, instead of sitting around waiting for other people to make changes and then telling others to “deal with it” if they’re unhappy

Understand where they’re coming from.

Greatness comes from acceptance and acceptance comes from understanding. Understanding comes from knowledge and knowledge can be found in the diverse experience everyone has to offer.


We are a nation of turmoil at this moment,  not of greatness.

Although we can definitely achieve greatness by learning it’s not a kill-or-be-killed world, instead, by learning that unity leads to equality and equality is the way in which the world will turn.

Until then, we’re stuck with walls we’ve built in fear of others and backward rules out of the hatred of minority groups.

We need to change for America to be great and that change starts with the people.

This poem is about: 
My country


Boshir Melcky

Really ,I liked your poem.So I am Burundian,can I write about my country too ?Or about U.S.A ?If it is possible let me know.
My full name is Boshirwa Melchisedech
My shortened name is Boshir Melcky

Patiently Dormant

The time we spent is now complete

Comfort knowing in its defeat

Day by day in steady strides

I've managed to tune you out of my life

And now it's time to move on  

Provided with examples of what I want 

What I need and desire from him

I take in all words and all actions

Respectful, devoted, loving care 

Loyal and beyond what needs repair 

In time my serenity will be met 

The love I withold in solid extent 

Built on years of consistent growth 

Torn apart from the average ones I know 

Connections are rare and valuable at that 

Once met with mine, no one forgets 

Deep confidence and wisdom awaiting to bloom

Continously rising from tenacious roots 

Eventually he will come and see the real me

A man with confidence and knowledge to see

Dormant potential seeking anew

Undaunted by time, patience will do

Awaiting a drop of catalyst waters

For the uniting of two has no borders  



I am not who I was

I am five and I sit across my mother’s lap

Praying for a human toy to assuage

The eternal boredom that is my loneliness.

I am six and I hold a baby girl in my arms

as I pray to God to never let her grow

I want her to stay this beautiful and delicate

Forever. I am seven and nobody plays with me

There is a baby dressed in pink

in a carriage full of toys that used to be

filled with me. I am eight and my math teacher

says I’m not good enough to be in the

intellectual competitions so I cut my hair short

and become a rebellious child. I am nine and

my crush sits next to me in class

he doesn’t know I like him but he asks for my notes

because to him, I am smart enough. I am ten

with divorced grandparents and a family

tearing itself apart. I am eleven and my best friend

stopped talking to me because my therapist said

I should keep a diary with the angry thoughts I had

And I’m angry at her a lot. I am twelve and I am

Valedictorian of my eight grade class but nobody

Talks to me and I am sad. I am thirteen and my hair

Is long, and my new best friend is a bitch and a boy

Grabbed my butt, but everyone likes him so I let him.

I am fourteen and I cannot wait to get out

 of this hell hole that has me pretending to be

this façade of a person that I cannot even name

I am not myself and I don’t understand why I can’t be.

I am fifteen and I have a crush on a boy who

Actually likes me back he kissed me on my birthday

And I kissed him back but my mother doesn’t like him

So I put on my brave face and broke both our hearts.

I am sixteen and I get a sick pleasure

from playing with emotions and boys like

they’re toys and I do not know how I fell so far

from who I used to be. I am seventeen

And I am Valedictorian of my graduating class

I am on a plane moving 2,540 kilometers away

From my family and friends and all of the places

I never belonged. I am eighteen and I cannot find me

The walls around my heart are so high I cannot

Climb out into the world and discover love

Or happiness. The truth is I do not know who I am

Not anymore not this far down the rabbit hole

I am so lost my only consolation is the books I read

And the poems that leak out from the pages

Of an old notebook filled with hate and resent

I am so alone my only companion

is the darkness of my room at four in the morning

I am a fragment of a girl who used to dream

Of wedding bells and little kids

running around a house yelling “momma”

I am eighteen and I do not see an ending

To this tragedy. I do not want to be a mother

I do not want to be a lover

I am eighteen and I have never met a smile

That lit up my world.

I am eighteen and when I see my thirteen year old sister

Running around with ribbons in her hands and the stars in her eyes

Saying she wants to be just like me when she’s older

I pray to God that she will never grow up

To be this fucked up.

This poem is about: 
My family


“Greed” ... A Poem written by Big Virge 1/4/2020


United Kingdom

So It Seems That GREED...
Is Part of The Disease That Corona Breeds... !?!

Human Beings Now Behaving Like Demons... !?!
In The Name of Preservation While Corona’s Dictating...
A Need To Be Stationed At Home or Face Facing...

A Form of Detainment Or Penalty Payments...
For Being Outside Which Doesn’t Right... ?!?
Being Made To Pay Fines For... Distancing Crimes... !!!

Seems Like GREED To Me...
By Ministries And These Government Fiends...

Who Would Seem To Be The Ones Responsible...
For The Spread of This Disease That’s Now Breeding Overseas...

Like Poker High Rollers Just Ask MOLLY...
Because The Bloom of Greed Is A RECURRING Theme... !!!

From Euro Countries Now In Need of Money...
To Those Who OVERSEE...
Who Their Money Should Reach...
In Times Like... THESE... !!!

Well It’s GREEDY Teams Who Seem To Believe...
That Money Will Save The Human Race...
From Having To Eternally... “ ISOLATE “... !?!

I Mean.... SERIOUSLY...
How Does Being Humane...
Relate To... “ PAY “... ???

Do Insurance Claims And Interest Rates...
TRULY Equate To Saving Those...
Whose Cashflow's Slowed With Corona In Tow... ?!?
These Greedy Folks Are Reaching New Lows...

..... And That’s NO JOKE..... !!!!!

It’s So Sad To See That Human GREED Is Proving To Be ...
As Dangerous As This Corona Disease... !!!

From Companies Whose Bosses Bleed...
Their Employees Like ... VAMPIRIC Breeds... !?!
Who Now Won’t Give Their Workers An Inch...
When It Comes To... Payment Benefits...

Especially Now That People Are Sick...
With No Quick Fix To This Corona Sitch’...

Where Panic Buyers Are Now Retired...
So Now HAVE To Join Queues Just To Shop For Food... !?!

It’s A Crazy Groove That’s Now In Use... !!!
Greedy Crews... Are Now In View... !!!

From Corporate Crews Who Use Boardrooms...
To Business Moves From People Who...
Are Placing LOOT... ABOVE Being Shrewd... ?!?!?

To Street Teams Who Are Quick To Shoot...
When Cash Is Owed To GREEDY Blokes... !!!!

Whose Business NOW...
Is DECREASING... Just Like The Dow... !!!

It’s A Time Where Greed...
May Now Be Seen Through TECHNOLOGY... !!!

You See Greedy Themes...
Have NOT Disappeared And This Is CLEAR... !!!

The Human Breed’s Now Embracing Fear...
As Well As Vaccines That May NOT Be FREE...

And Then MAYBE... The People Will See...
That Government Teams May Be Running Speech...
About Helping Peeps’ To Stay... HEALTHY... !!!!!!!!

But BEHIND The Scenes There’s MUCH To See...
That May Just Be Connected To Schemes...

Where Technology Breeds...
Digitised Streams For Cash Money...

The Type of Policies That Will Surely Feed...
NEW WORLD Regimes With Their Wish To See...

A Human Breed That’s On Their Knees...
And Unable To Impede Their Pursuit of POWER ...

Which INEVITABLY Tends To Lead...


...... “ GREED “...... !!!!

This poem is about: 
Our world
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Metal, plastic, wood, and flesh

     each sound in turn,

     each a different note, a different tone.

They press against each other,

     then prance away to find another partner.

     They don't take long to return.

Metal, plastic, wood, and flesh

     mingle and converse,

     moving to an unchoreographed routine.

They accompany each other to bed,

     singing sweetly, oozing seduction.

     They revel in each other's sounds.


Then a new sound joins in. More Flesh.

     It powers through all the others,

     gathering them up in its wake,

     directing all of the provocation at one recipient.

His voice, sensual, stirring, full of I want you.

     Soon I am one of the sounds swirling

     in the wake of his voice.


a stolen life


United States
41° 17' 29.6556" N, 72° 23' 25.098" W

I thought you were golden,
your insides illuminated by
everything that you dreamed of,
yet you were tearing at the seams,
full of memories
of flashing lights
and dark nights,
jade and calloused hands of greed
reaching to steal your unsullied demise,
and before anyone could notice,
you were gone.

I used to think you were a star.
You used to bleed colors of all sorts.
Promise teemed from your every pore,
but you became permeable,
soaking in the venom from every source.
I saw the spectrum evade from the sky
with tiny droplets of your past
stowed away in the depths of the oceans,
in search of sympathy.

You let the poison
run through your veins
and alienate your mind
from everything you used to be.
Your actions affected me more
than they tore you apart,
obliterating every crevice of your mind,
taking away your humanity,
your family,
your thoughts
and soon there was nothing left to mend
as the last particle of your demise
turned to dust.


The Awakening

A blue moon
Comes once a month
In the heart of a
Little girl.

With the biggest eyes
Like scoops of chocolate
Plopped down in
The mouth of men.

What an influence
They are.
With hands like
Warriors that squeeze

Until florid veins
Burst from sensitive skin.
And those chocolate eyes
Turn into holes as black as Lucifer.

A transition comes
Where little red eggs
Seep into her panties.
What have they done?