A message to every young black girl...


Look at me for who I am and not what you want me to be.It isn't fair that you judge by what you see.I am not my hair, I am not my skin, just ask India Arie.I will not change to please you. If you dislike the way I am then it is you who has some changing to do. My skin is beautiful. My hair is fine. Beauty comes in different shapes and sizes; it's harde to define. God made me in his image and I will no longer be ashamed. I will embrace my color and I will praise his name. He is the one I depend on, he is my light. So I am blind to the ignore because he shines so bright.

I am beautiful, from the inside to the out."I AM BEAUTIFUL" From the rivers and mountains I will shout. I will not succumb to no money, nor man. I don't need any of it, I'm in God's hands. There's people in the world who will try and break you so they can be on top. You will face these struggles from childhood, it may never stop. "You're not beautiful. You're too dark." Their words have no meaning. You will walk past them all with a smile that's gleaming. This lesson I've learned took a lot of time. I was insecure and depressed because I've only heard lies. Take my message and learn from it and live. Don't hide your beauty, don't hide from the world because God has so much to give. Love yourself. Keep God first. Always have pride. Your black is you and it's beautiful...and that's not lie.


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