Not in Vain

“Not in Vain”
Another mistake, love gone casted to flames
The good went wrong, am I the one to blame?
This train keeps moving along, wait stop this is wilderness
Far from bliss, I’m Lost I’ve become estranged
Why I’m here I can’t explain
Restrained and shamed
Brought before nothing, am I nothing??
No more control, I can’t contain
More storms come please hold back the rain! 
The run off comes and the pain settles in
Here at the bottom of the pit I wallow again
Drowning in my sin, completely alone, is this the end?
No good men, no hopes for a friend
I yell into the wind I scream under water!!
If you’re here God, can I call you my father!!
Am I shouting to thin air, God am I to much of a bother??
If you love me as you say, can you please take my shameful pain away?
To my dismay, appears a saint, stating I’m here to cut off your diamond plated chains
He exclaimed nothing would have ever released them besides my Name
Give me your cloths; let me soak them in my blood to wash your stains
Watching over he came to me and said, I died for you, your life is NOT IN VAIN!!
Nailed to the Cross, bruised and beaten, all on my mind I overcame
I was blamed so you could live blameless and unashamed
I rose from the dead and then became your Savior, your Lord, and now in heaven I reign
Now get up!! Walk you are healed! 
Go fight for me, take with you thee Armor of God to this battle field!!! 
When in danger use my Holy word as your shield
And all the evil and wicked, yes they will yield.


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