Broken heart and a shattered mind.

Sat, 07/26/2014 - 21:17 -- SatoriH

I gave you all that i could give, i got nothing in return.

After years of trying, years of praying and just a shattered mind and a broken heart that burns.

They said you were bad for me then, to just move on, stop trying.

I kept faith in you, that you would change, that you would finally end my crying.

You took from me, you played with me like a toy

Know i understand what it means when you cant raise a man who was raised as a boy

There's no turning back there's nothing that i can change

I just have to trust God, keep it one thousand and know ill find the better yet the same.

Now I'm left here trying to figure out how to move on with time

Damaged with a broken heart and a shattered mind


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